Dear Beta tester,

Thank you for taking the time to experience these engineering samples from nami. Built with intelligent sensing technology, use them to monitor your home and care for your loved ones.

Before you install the devices, please download the nami app. It is currently available

More advanced test versions are available upon request.

Here are the steps that you need to set up this system, once the nami app is installed.

1. Create a nami account

Create a nami account, using an existing Apple or Google account. If you prefer, you can also use a fully anonymous account (if you do so, don’t forget to copy the recovery key available in the authentication page of the profile section - every time you wish to sign out).

2. Create a place

You need to create a place first before setting up your devices.

Note: You can also join other existing places. Administrators can generate invites in the people section of a place screen. The dashboard page allows you to monitor multiple places at a glance.

3. Install one kit

In what follows, we consider that you have received a single kit to cover your place. If you have multiple kits, please refer to the next section of the document.